Hi Dear Folks,

I really need your help on adjusting height of ning app window in home page view.

I included an iFrame which will load content from a page located on my remote server.


No matter what size I set the height of the iframe and the module pref, the window can only reach a certain size and cannot display all the content that I wish to load.


Can anyone help how to adjust the windows size to further fit all the content?


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The app in the center of the page is the one that gives some trouble



Looking at the javascript console as the page loads you have this error:

"TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'gadgets.window.adjustHeight')"

You may have a mistake in your code somewhere. However, the app in the centre looks full height to me in Safari - is the screenshot below what you're talking about?


It looks like you are using an opensocial container - you might be better asking this question in that section of the forum. You've posted this under "Ning API: Questions and Answers".




Hi Chris,

It is weird that I do get it working...

I guess I am having an issue with Cache copy or something.

Thanks for your help anyway.




If you are adding your app by URL you can add "ningapp_nocache=1" to the query string so e.g. http://someserver.com/myOSapp.xml?ningapp_nocache=1


That will help testing by reducing caching. It doesn't eliminate it altogether though, but it cuts down the number of refreshes to get the new code.


To get the best help with an issue like this, you should post (the relevant bits of) your code, and a screenshot of what you're seeing. Then people will understand better and be able to help more accurately.



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