Hey all! We're thrilled to welcome you to Build, our new Ning developer community. Since we're just getting started, we'd like to answer a few questions you might have...

Why launch a new community network? What's happening with developer.ning.com?

As Ning has changed over the years, we've had varying ways through which developers can interact with the platform. This resulted in some big membership fragmentation on developer.ning.com (some people joined while using our legacy APIs, some to learn JavaScript tips/hacks, some to create OpenSocial apps and some as curious non-developers).

Since we're launching our all-new APIs in the next few weeks, we decided to create a new network targeted specifically at developers interested in taking advantage of our new functionality and updated OpenSocial support.

Will developer.ning.com go away?

Nope. We're taking a cue from our successful Network Creator-focused sister site (creators.ning.com) and separating out our community from our documentation. We'll be transforming developer.ning.com into our documentation and app submission destination, while focusing build.ning.com on community interaction.

What types of integrations can I now do with Ning?

In addition to our ongoing support for OpenSocial applications (in the form of both Ning Apps and Profile Apps), our new APIs enable network-specific external integrations (examples could include mobile apps, desktop apps and content importers). In addition, we're open to partnering with specific 3rd-party services to grow our library of global (across multiple Ning networks) API integrations as part of a new program called Ning Extensions.

Since only Ning Pro networks have access to the new APIs, will I have to pay for a Ning Pro network to start developing?

No. We're finalizing plans to offer discounted subscriptions to qualified developers in need of their own network for API testing. Stay tuned.

How can I get an API key?

Our private beta period has ended, however our public launch for Ning Pro networks will be happening very soon. While you wait, feel free to browse through the API documentation.

Will you provide source code examples to help developers get started with the new APIs?

Absolutely. We'll have source code examples available at our public launch.

We'll be in touch over the next few weeks, and look forward to the launch!

Kyle Ford
Director of Partner Design & Development, Ning

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Comment by JFarrow on July 6, 2012 at 9:42am

any chance you might be able to help me with this http://build.ning.com/forum/topics/looking-for-direction-on-a-mappi...


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