I'm a Ning Plus user and I'm not familiar with the Ning API.  I would like to use an Iframe in the textbox of a group page to provide user-specific content.   I have traditionally used javascript but javascript has been disabled on Group page textboxes.


In the textbox, if the Iframe's source is directed to a non-Ning web server, can that server obtain the user's Ning Id and provide content back to the Iframe based on that specific user.


In other words, when a Ning user visits a group page on my site, I would like the textbox to display content specific to that user.  In the simplest case, the textbox would display their Ning Id.


If I upgrade to a Pro plan, is this easily accomplished?


Thanks for the help!

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The only way for the server to figure out which member is viewing your application would be to perform authentication inside the iframe. That is probably not a good user experience.


Another option is to place your JavaScript logic in the Custom Code box (the same place you put analytics code). The advantage is that the code is rendered on group pages. The disadvantage is that you are increasing the page size for pages that don't use that feature, since that code is rendered everywhere. You can use some logic to figure out which page the member is on and dynamically add a script tag if you are viewing the correct page.


What content are you trying to display to your members? Is it content from the Ning site or from an external site?

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