I have been looking into the possibility of using the Ning API to create a Picasa Web Uploader

Just think, if the folks over at ning could create (what looks to be) a very simple feature which would allow for members to upload photos strait from Picasa to the network, how beautiful life could be.  Just think, to get photos from a hard drive to a network (complete with descriptions and titles, geotags and faces) it would be simple as simple as pressing a button like this:


Indeed it is possible.  In fact, i am writing this post merely for purposes of finding out if anyone else out there is already working on this, because I'd rather collaborate than do the work at the same time as someone else or some other eager NC.   It looks to be just a little tougher than a simple 1.2.3.   If I am wrong on this assumption, please someone take me down from this hot air balloon

As a developer, you can easily add your own button to the Picasa UI using the picasa: pluggable protocol. This is particularly useful for third-party developers who wish to integrate with Picasa, as it increases the presence of a service brand in the UI and enables end users to export images from Picasa into another application or service with one click.

To creating a custom button, you need to:

  1. Name your Picasa Button File (PBF) 
  2. Create your PBF
  3. Add your PBF to Picasa


 Some other links to help with wrapping your mind around it:




So, anyone wanna elaborate or collaborate? IS this possible? or am i crazy?

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