Does anyone know..  Could Ning APIs allow integration to create a single login system to external app/CMS like Wordpress?  Or at least can an app be written with Ning API to allow users to login Ning, access Ning interface, (then return that success status), which allows a possible method to hook onto 3rd party apps?  Also can user info and passwords extracted/exported from Ning?


If no full integration is possible (exporting user/password info to be reused w/another app), I was thinking of creating a login portal where it will log in to both Ning and Wordpress.. however I'm not sure if API credential approval will log users in to have access to Ning and App (If User can be redirected to Ning user interface all logged in and ready).  If so, then I assume it is possible.


I haven't started a Ning Pro 30 day Trial account yet,  so I haven't tried the API, but I took a peek. There appears to be Ning authentication calls for Open Social API.  I'll probably sign up if/when I'd have time to use the 30days to the max :)



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I would like to know this as well. I spotted Kyle Ford's blog from a while back and have been trying to track down users who say they have it working. All of the links are either dead, or they lead to a login page for Ning help that I cannot login to. Does anyone know where to access these files?


Here's the link:

I dug around and came across this article too along with some articles related to plugins for other modules. I emailed Ning support who referred me with links to the API and Trial account. But I think I just need a Yes or No and to which possibility and then I may sign up for the Pro Trial and figure out what can be done within the 30 days.

I understand there is priority and full support to paying Ning customers, so if anyone is a customer and curious, could you open a ticket with Ning support to this inquiry? (Thanks!!) If developers get a little more info on capability then we may be more willing to try the Trial Pro account and purchase. *wink wink to Ning support* ;)

It's not possible to implement true single sign on, meaning the ability to sign into a Ning site and be automatically signed into an external site.


It is possible to validate a member's email and password on an external site using the Ning API. The member experience is that they are prompted to sign in on the external site. This can be achieved by using the Token endpoint of the Ning API. Checkout the authentication chapter of the documentation and let me know if you have any follow-up questions.


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