How to customize ning using PHP? using webservices? any one tell me recommended architecture to customize? if we want some extra feature by interacting with our own database using PHP/mysql? what is recomended? 

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What is it you're trying to do? There are a few ways...

I am trying to use NING API to get title and URL of first 5 events, blogs etc. i couldnt see any way where i can put my PHP code therefore i create webservice on my server and trying to call thru ajax in ning but i unable to call the same webservice is working while calling from my localhost or other servers.

the 2nd thing i want to do is i want to create a widget of online examination bcause i am developing a forum for a particular university students so this is a requirement so i want to use my own database bcz ning doesnt allow to play with their database, therefore i decided to do through web service. 

this is want i m trying to do but not working

src='soapclient.js'>//here path will be the js uploaded on ning

<SCRIPT language=javascript>

var url = "";

function GetVersions()

var method = "hello"; // Method name to Call

var pl = new SOAPClientParameters();
pl.add("name", "sohail");

SOAPClient.invoke(url, method, pl, true, GetVersions_callBack);


/* WebService CallBack*/
function GetVersions_callBack(r,soapResponse)

if(soapResponse.xml) // IE
else // MOZ
alert((new XMLSerializer()).serializeToString(soapResponse)); //print SOAP Response
//print Object result


<input type="button" onclick="GetVersions();" value ='call'/>

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