I have been hoping for a way to add a namespace to the XML of groups on my network for quite sometime, as GeoRSS is an important feature that i wish to fully implement for land surveyors.  Here is the scenario:  I have dedicated "social support" groups based on locations across the globe, each obviously having their own geolocation and location specific news which is generated via discussions which occur on each group. (For example: Africa Land Surveyors) The idea is based on the fact that land surveyors have different laws in all locations on earth which they must abide by and land surveyors have different methods for accomplishing work results in their respective areas of the world.  So with that said, has anyone found a way to convert the discussions RSS feed in groups to a GeoRSS feed?  ultimately, I'd like to have a Google Earth file which shows the feed of a location on click with latest news from that group.  I've tride Geonames RSS to GeoRSS converter with little progress and have found that the best most probable solution is to alter the native XML and feed which exists in the group itself.  If I am off-base on this, please let me know.  I've also tried using feedburner to Geotag the feeds from groups (my subscription page here), but due to the fact that the feeds are no longer native after running them through feedburner, subscription to these feeds do nothing for the geocontent in respect to search engines and they are hard to get subscribers for.


So ultimately I would love some advice or even a partner who might be willing to help me develop an open social app which converts these feeds to GeoRSS.  I am open to any suggestions you might have.

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