I've got a client who is using the 'ning exporter' to export his 4000+ members' data (just member data, no blogs, picture data, etc). 

We get one big JSON file.  Using php json_decode(), I get 'malformed json error', but it doesn't tell me what/where it's malformed.  It's huge to try to visually figure it out.  Any tips on how to get this data usable?

Perhaps more to the point, is there anything in that data that I wouldn't get just pulling user data from the API directly?  I can't tell if the json export includes group data or not.  I'm cynically thinking 'no', because it's not in the API yet (another question - when is that coming?), but given that it's a separate download tool, maybe it's giving me something the API doesn't directly?

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Hi there,

The json data export includes Groups data if you request it. Try removing the outermost brackets on the json data to fix the error you're getting.



Running into this as well, I've identified three issues with the JSON produced by the export tool:

1. Bogus parentheses around the JSON - remove the ( at the beginning and ) at the end.

2. Missing commas between objects - replace '}{' with '},{'.

3. Misplaced ] - replace '}]{' with '},{.

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