After running into some instability with using the OpenSocial API servers, I decided to switch all functionality over to using the Ning API.  However, I'm running into a few problems.  


One is that it looks like sending a direct message is not possible, but you can post a comment to an individual's wall.  When logging into the API as an admin, I am able to post comments to any individual's profile, but as a non-admin, this is not possible.  I get an error saying "A captcha is required to complete this request."  (Trace code is ef20f78a-d564-4e59-bb8e-640c3f52f60f, if that helps).


I basically want to know what specific actions require a captcha, are only do-able by an admin, etc.  I can't find any of that info in the documentation.

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You are correct, the direct messaging feature isn't supported by the API yet.

The Ning API doesn't support CAPTCHA, so you shouldn't be receiving this message (I haven't seen it before). Can you please answer a few questions so I can investigate further:

  1. Is this member able to comment on your site without entering CAPTCHA?
  2. Do you have email verification turned on for your site?
My fault.  I realized that our sandbox site had CAPTCHA required for comment fields.  Our real site does not, so this should not be a problem.
The member should only have to enter the CAPTCHA once one the site to prove they are not a bot. Afterwards, all Ning API requests should work fine.

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