I'm having trouble trying to download a list of recent users (or any users for that matter).  I followed the procedure in the examples for accessing a list of recent photos.  That works correctly for photos using '/xn/rest/collectivebias/1.0/Photo/recent?fields=title,image.url&count=5'.  If I use the same logic to access the User ('/xn/rest/collectivebias/1.0/User/recent?fields=title,image.url&count=5') it returns a 400 (Bad Request) error.   Is there anything different in how to access these two endpoints; User and Photo?  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

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The issue is that the /User resource doesn't have a 'title' or 'image.url' fields. The response body you get should contain an error message letting you know it's an invalid field.

I could have swore I tried it without those fields, but I must have been mistaken because it is working beautifully now without them. I apologize for such a simple oversight. Thank you again for your help and patience.


I have run into another roadblock.  When I try to get the user record by email address, I am getting the http 400 error.  If I query by author or id, it works.


But, if I try to query by email, it doesn't.  Is there a specific way that the email must be encoded?  Both of these ways fail.


This time it's our fault. Filtering the User resource by email isn't currently working. I've taken it out of the documentation until it is ready for prime time. I wasn't supposed to have been in there in the first place.

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