I am using the API w/php to retrieve member data. Have no problem retrieving fullName & gender, but when I add profileQuestions to the query, it appears to timeout. Any idea why?



$count = 100;
$fields = "fullName,gender,profileQuestions";
$path = sprintf("User/alpha?count=%s&fields=%s&isMember=true", $count, $fields);
$result = $ningApi->get($path);


One other question. I am writing a script that needs to pull profileQuestion field data for ALL my members, not just 100 of them. Is there any way around the 100 member limit in the API?

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A few questions:

  • How many profile questions do you have?
  • What happens when you request one profile? 50?


It is possible to page through results. The anchor variable returned in a list result. If you include it as a parameter on your next request, you'll get the next page of results. For example, the first request would be:




It will return an anchor such as sBLHSuPH8xNPdBxyRHy3pw with the rest of he results. It can be used for the next page of results:



Also, If you don't mind, send me a private message with your network URL.


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