Ning API maintenance 06/15/2011 @ 1:00PM Pacific (No Downtime)

Tomorrow, 06/15/2011, there will be a maintenance window from 1:00PM to 2:00PM Pacific. There is no planned downtime, however you may experience some intermittent errors during the maintenance window as we restart our services.


During the maintenance window, we will be making an internal change to how we handle SSL connections. This will require no changes to your applications.


Please note that since this a Ning API upgrade, it will not affect the functionality of your Ning site.



We had to roll-back the release since we ran into an issue with OAuth token creation.

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All of a sudden I'm getting tons of these errors, and the sign-in doesn't work any more. HELP!!!


"The oauth_signature is invalid. That is, it doesn't match the signature computed by the Service Provider."



We are looking into your issue. So far our other tests are still working fine. Did you make an changes recently?

I changed nothing. None of my API calls work any more. It's not just me - I'm seeing this error coming whenever people try to sign in via the API, or when they try to make an API call. You say it's an SSL thing you changed - did you change your certificates, or do I need to update mine?
I can email you my code if you like.

Can you let me know the time you started receiving the errors? Please include your timezone.


You may send me your code if you like.

I've even gone back to an old test-setup using code untouched for months, and that no longer works either.
Sorry for the panic, but this is very urgent!

We had to roll-back the release since we ran into an issue with OAuth token creation. Things should be back to normal.

Really appreciate the Ning team's speedy response - thank you all!

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