I am getting a 401 error with message Invalid Password when I make a curl call to ning api.

> -d 'oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_consumer_key=[CONSUMER_KEY]&oauth_signature=[OAUTH_SIGNATURE]' \
> https://external.ningapis.com/xn/rest/design/1.0/Token?xn_pretty=true

I am using the same username and password as I used to log into this account. I have also double checked for consumer key and consumer secret and they are both correct.


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Looks like there are a couple of issues with your command line there:

- curl's -u parameter just takes a username, not a password.

- you're trying to get a token on design.ning.com, not your own network.

Note also that the signature should be [CONSUMER_SECRET]%26, seeing as you're using the PLAINTEXT method.

Try this instead:

curl -u [USERNAME] -d 'oauth_signature_method=PLAINTEXT&oauth_consumer_key=[CONSUMER_KEY]&oauth_signature=[CONSUMER_SECRET]%26' https://external.ningapis.com/xn/rest/[YOUR_NETWORK]/1.0/Token?xn_p...

If this doesn't work, send me a private message here with the full command line, including the key/secret/username, and I'll take a look.

Sorry, accidentally posted this as the Build Team account rather than my own login.  Send messages my way, not to Build Team.  Thanks!

Clarification: you should replace [YOUR_NETWORK] with the *subdomain* of your network, not the network name.  So if your network is asdfasdfasdf.ning.com, you should be hitting this URL: https://external.ningapis.com/xn/rest/asdfasdfasdf/1.0/Token?xn_pre...

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