Hi all !


I am currently developing a Drupal module to delegate authentication to one or more Ning network. I use the Ning APIs and I find some things "intriguing" in the documentation. Maybe someone here can help me to understand ?


In the properties for the "user" object, I doesn't understand the difference beetween isOwner and isAdmin. Is there a "typo" in the isAdmin definition ?


The property state indicate the current state for the "user". But it's a singleton. If a user is member and blocked, or if it is an admin who has left ? In these cases, which are the string values ? Is there a "precedence" or an order in this property ?


Thank you in advance to those who can shed any light.




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Hi Pierre,


You're right to point out that this is a typo in the docs, as a network admin is not necessarily the network owner but the isOwner and isAdmin checks should both return true for the owner of the network.


As for the state, the precedence is owner > admin > (member|pending|unfinished|unknown). So the network owner will show up as owner, a network admin will show up as admin, and everyone else will show up as one of the remaining options, depending on the approval settings of the network.


Let me know if this makes sense.




Hi ben !


And many thanks for your answer : yes, it makes sense now. That what exactly what i'm waiting for.





PS : maybe could someone update the documentation, accordingly to what you say ?

I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate person, but let me know if the change isn't made within a few days and I'll bug them again. :-)



It looks like Devin made the requested change to the documents. Thanks again for your help, Pierre!

Hi Ben !


Thanks to doing it so quickly - and thanks to Devin too ;-)

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